beneficial occupancyの例文


  1. Beneficial occupancy was achieved at this Phase I mobile radar site in late 1954.
  2. The 649th Airborne Control and Warning Squadron achieved beneficial occupancy by 1 December 1954.
  3. On February 25, 1967 workmen at MTF completed construction of the S-II A-1 test stand, and the Corps of Engineers accepted beneficial occupancy with exceptions.
  4. For a $ 253 million offering in 1992, one sentence was added : " Any significant delay with regard to the automated baggage system could delay the Date of Beneficial Occupancy of the New Airport ."
  5. The 763d AC & W squadron moved to its permanent site at Shawnee, NY in September 1951 after enough construction was finished for beneficial occupancy, and initially the station functioned as a Ground-Control Intercept ( GCI ) and warning station.


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