benzoin condensationの例文


  1. Benzoin is synthesized from benzaldehyde in the benzoin condensation.
  2. However, benzoin condensation is completely reversible, and therefore does not interfere with product formation in the Stetter reaction.
  3. The benzoin condensation is in effect a dimerization and not a condensation because a small molecule like water is not released in this reaction.
  4. The electron or arrow pushing method is often used in illustrating a reaction mechanism; for example, see the illustration of the mechanism for benzoin condensation in the following examples section.
  5. In one study, a custom-designed N-heterocyclic carbene ( NHC, the framework is related to thiazolium salts ) was found to facilitate an enantioselective intramolecular benzoin condensation ( " Scheme 2 " ).


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