benzoyl groupの例文


  1. The benzoyl group is given the symbol " Bz ".
  2. In the next step the carboxylic acid group is esterified with ethanol and the urea group replaced with a benzoyl group.
  3. Treatment of the carbonate ester with phenyllithium deprotected one hydroxyl group and left a benzoyl group needed for Taxol on the other oxygen ( alcohol "'44 "', "'Scheme 5 "').
  4. Furthermore, balanol is sometimes referred to as ophiocordin, an antifungal agent produced by the fungus " Cordyceps ophioglossoides " whose structure is regioisometric to that of balanol; that is, in ophiocordin, the benzophenone is linked to the hexahydroazepane instead via an amide; the 4-hydroxy benzoyl group and hexahydroazepane are connected with an ester linkage.


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