1. The general strike of 1950 began in the coal mining centres of Gr鈉e-Berleur, near Li鑗e and the violence intensified.
  2. It is in this area that the police, on 30 July 1950, opened fire on the inhabitants of Gr鈉e-Berleur, killing four people.
  3. He took up residence in Etterbeek, Brussels neighborhood where he began his architectural production, such as : the family home of Goovaerts, completed in 1907, and residences for families Desmet-Sillis and Desvaux-Berleur.
  4. The killing of four demonstrators on 30 July 1950 in Gr鈉e-Berleur was one of the most significant moments in the so-called Royal Question of 1950, which grew out of resentment towards King Leopold III and his actions in World War II.


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