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  1. Once more in Britain he organized the 3rd Air Force, which was a mainstay of the Berlin air lift.
  2. However, in the course of the Berlin Air Lift some supplies were increased beyond the pre-Blockade level and therefore certain rations in West Berlin were raised.
  3. He also declined to confirm a report Tuesday in the Berlin daily Tages Spiegel that Clinton would be in Berlin May 14 for ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the Berlin air lift.
  4. At the Imperial War Museum, Herzog will open a 50th anniversary exhibition about the Berlin Air Lift, when the Western Allies kept the city supplied through a Soviet blockade for nearly a year.
  5. In 1948, Sen . Stuart Symington, a Missouri Democrat, asked Bob to take a show to Germany to bring much-needed Christmas cheer to the overworked Americans during the Berlin Air Lift . This time his wife, Dolores, weary of Bob-less holidays, declared she was going, too.


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