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  1. On April 22, Kirlew signed as a defensive lineman with the Berlin Rebels of the German Football League.
  2. The Dresden Monarchs, which had been a perpetual playoff contender in previous years but lost many players after the 2015 season drew their first away game against the Berlin Rebels 21 21.
  3. The post season began with an easy win over the Berlin Rebels ( 24-14 ) and continued-as the two years before-with a close fought match against the Dresden Monarchs.
  4. The Panthers were then able to earn promotion to the GFL by narrowly overcoming the Berlin Rebels by a point on aggregate, winning 43-41 in Berlin and losing 33-34 at home.
  5. Prior to the 2016 season many players left the team or announced their retirement from Football and the first game of the Dresden Monarchs 2016 season was a 21 : 21 draw against the Berlin Rebels in Berlin.


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