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  1. The station on the Berlin Ringbahn was opened with the name " Schmargendorf " on 15 December 1883.
  2. The Berlin Ringbahn was opened on 1870s, followed by the true Berlin Stadtbahn which goes from Schlesischen Bahnhof to Charlottenburg.
  3. Monbijou castle was to be completely pulled down and rebuilt in the park of Charlottenburg Palace between the nearby Spree sluice and the Berlin Ringbahn.
  4. In the north and west, the Berlin Ringbahn and the Bundesautobahn 100 ( " Stadtring " ) mark the border with the Charlottenburg-Nord and Westend suburbs.
  5. Furthermore, the new railway line was not only to serve as a connection between the mainline terminii in Berlin, but would also offer connections to the Berlin Ringbahn and the suburban rail lines.


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