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  1. The club was founded in 1930 as Beregsz醩zi Futball 閟 Tenisz Club ( BFTC ) and participates in the Hungarian regional competitions.
  2. In 1978, he founded the Brief Family Therapy Center ( BFTC ) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife Insoo Kim Berg.
  3. The BFTC was closed in 2007 and the rights to BFTC s training materials were transferred to the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association.
  4. In 1978, with her husband Steve de Shazer, she co-founded the Brief Family Therapy Center ( BFTC ) in Milwaukee.
  5. After World War II and annexation of the Carpathian region by the Soviet Union, BFTC was renamed as Verkhovina Beregovo in 1945 and participated in the Soviet republican competitions in Ukraine.


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