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  1. The Lakers moved to Cooke's brand-new arena, 1967 with new coach Bill van Breda Kolff.
  2. I doubt if one of West's coaches, the colorful Bill van Breda Kolff, looked at any film, either.
  3. Bill van Breda Kolff keeps Wilt Chamberlain on the bench and plays Mel Counts at center against the Celtics at the end of a championship series game.
  4. After giving a ticket to Lakers coach Bill Van Breda Kolff, Michaels was told to give up his ticket and call Alan Rothenberg, then the president of California Sports.
  5. In Game 5, the Lakers routed the Celtics, 117-104, but Bill van Breda Kolff made a disastrous mistake that would haunt the Lakers for the reminder of the proceedings.


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