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  1. In the early 90 s, he worked on high-temperature SQUID magnetometers, Josephson junction devices, and biomagnetic sensors at Conductus Inc.
  2. Today the community of biomagnetic researchers does not have a formal organization, but international conferences are held every two years, with about 600 attendees.
  3. The BioMagnetic Anti-Wrinkle Mask promises " to restore a youthful firmness and resiliency with results you can't get from any moisturizer ."
  4. Today, most biomagnetic measurements are of the human brain ( MEG ); these are made in a shielded room, using a helmet over the head containing hundreds of SQUIDs.
  5. The article is having problems with editors who want to add material about biomagnetic fields without acknowledging that all the evidence indicates these fields are many orders of magnitude too weak for human senses to detect.


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