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  1. The composer's 1963 cantata, " The Death of the Bishop of Brindisi, " will be heard in Spoleto's 12th-century cathedral, then the audience will move to the Teatro Nuovo for his 1944 ballet, " Sebastian ."
  2. Menotti's " The Death of the Bishops of Brindisi, " a cantata for chorus and orchestra, and " Sebastian, " a one-act dance melodrama, will be performed on opening night and again on June 27, 28 and 30.
  3. Notable among these is his cantata " The Death of the Bishop of Brindisi ", written in 1963, and the cantata " Landscapes and Remembrances " in 1976  a descriptive work of Menotti's memories of America written for the United States Bicentennial.
  4. Kurt Yaghjian is the son of Haig Yaghjian, a former assistant conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and was a member of a school choir that participated in the premiere of Gian Carlo Menotti's " The Death of the Bishop of Brindisi " in May 1963.
  5. Menotti has organized three of his father's most famous works _ " The Death of the Bishop of Brindisi, " the 1944 ballet " Sebastian " and " Amahl and the Night Visitors, " _ which helped make Menotti one of the most performed opera composers in the United States.


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