blend into the sceneryの例文


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  1. I think the Olympic volleyball venue blends into the scenery like a red and orange sunset.
  2. American soldiers and their camouflaged vehicles are so familiar they almost blend into the scenery of rice paddies and pine hills.
  3. Brought on as a spear-carrier and expected to blend into the scenery, he proved a smash hit with the critics.
  4. The idea that the Bush family could blend into the scenery and just be regular tourist folk was something that many passengers assumed was impossible.
  5. While much of the rest of the cast blends into the scenery, he also manages to develop strong chemistry with Brad Pitt, in the Dean Martin role as Ocean's gambler sidekick; and with Andy Garcia, as Ocean's nemesis, a fascinating hybrid of the old and new Vegas-- Steve Wynn, with a touch of Tony " The Ant " Spilotro.


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