blind sampleの例文


  1. In a blind sampling, the French had a rounder, more complex taste.
  2. First, we sent blind samples of 15 easily available butters to a laboratory to find out which contained the most butterfat and which the most water.
  3. In an Atlanta Journal-Constitution blind sampling, tasters consistently ranked bread from Alon's, a traditional artisan bakery, superior to par-baked loaves from six supermarket and warehouse chains.
  4. Our proficiency for this work is evaluated regularly through round-robin analysis of blind samples and on-site monitoring by highly qualified scientists under a program administered by the National Institutes of Science and Technology.
  5. Smith defended Baffert and said that the association was in the final stages of a supertesting initiative, in which blind samples from several states were sent to independent laboratories and were subject to more rigorous and sophisticated testing than is used now.


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