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  1. I recognize that there are tough calls to be made in blocking form time to time; this is not one of them.
  2. The blocking form can seem complicated at first with all of its checkboxes and options; however, once you understand what these options do, it is easy to determine which are needed and which aren't.
  3. :: : ( It's a link to the blocking form ) I think a bigger problem affecting retention is administrators blocking " before " the users have had a chance to respond / resumed editing.
  4. The mission would have transported more than of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station including the Meteor Composition Determination investigation which would have observed microgravity as well as an experiment to evaluate a sunlight blocking form of plastic.
  5. *If a user has been sending spam or otherwise inappropriate emails, a change could be made to the blocking form that would enable the option of " Prevent this user from sending email to X user ( s ) while blocked ", which a field to enter one or more usernames.


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