blocking ridgeの例文


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  1. The intensity of Hurricane Olivia fluctuated for two days as it turned westward away from land, due to a blocking ridge over northwestern Mexico.
  2. By the evening of November 25, the cyclone retrograded, or moved northwestward, into Ohio due to a blocking ridge up across eastern Canada.
  3. Nadine threatened the Azores while moving northeastward and then northward between September 18 and September 19, though a blocking ridge prevented the storm from approaching further toward the islands.
  4. Meanwhile, scattered showers and thunderstorms will erupt over parts of Texas as a Pacific jet stream disturbance, which Tuesday night slipped southward of the blocking ridge over Montana and Wyoming, lifts very humid air from the Gulf of Mexico.
  5. The FMS reported during the next day that Bart had reached its peak 10-minute sustained windspeeds of 85 km / h ( 50 mph ), as the system slowed down due to a blocking ridge of high pressure strengthening.


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