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  1. After a very bloody Wednesday, they established a series of steps to end the conflict, and their resolve seemed to be heartfelt.
  2. There is another variation of the WarGames match and predecessor to and prior to the original Lethal Lockdown match in TNA Wrestling, called and entitled " Wednesday Bloody Wednesday " Steel Cage match.
  3. Political analyst Sergio Sarmiento called the day of charges and counter-charges " bloody Wednesday, " noting that Zedillo is now under pressure " to prove he can have a good administration " when people in his party are accused of crimes.
  4. Its goal was to create an armed resistance movement against the Imperial Russian authorities in Bloody Wednesday of 15 August 1906; the failed assassination attempt against the Governor-General of Warsaw, Georgi Skalon, 18 August 1906; and Bezdany raid, a major train robbery, 26 September 1908.
  5. The brawl, which has been nicknamed "'Bloody Wednesday "', "'Fight Night at the Joe "'and "'Brawl in Hockeytown "', stemmed from a previous on-ice incident between the two teams during the 1996 Western Conference Finals.


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