bloodymania ivの例文


  1. A rematch was scheduled for Bloodymania IV.
  2. At Bloodymania IV, Robinson, with Terry Funk, defeated Mike Knox, with Scott D'Amore, and Raven, with Todd Bridges.
  3. At Bloodymania IV, in the main event Raven took on Corporal Robinson and Mike Knox in a triple threat match for the JCW Heavyweight Championship where Robinson retained his championship.
  4. Both " Bloodymania III " and " Bloodymania IV " were held in the following two years with no build up from full " SlamTV ! " seasons.
  5. The two continued to battle throughout the season, leading to Robinson defeating Raven in a Ladder match at Bloodymania II . Corporal Robinson, managed by Terry Funk, was then booked to face Raven, managed by Todd Bridges, and Mike Knox, managed by Scott D'Amore, in a Triple Threat match at Bloodymania IV.


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