boar meatの例文


  1. It is said that each rice cake is an imitation of boar meats , while chestnuts and kumazasa imitate boar ' s bones and fangs respectively .
  2. This dish seems to have been a beef stew boiled in miso broth , which was a derivation of botan-nabe (wild boar meat cooked in a pot at the table ).
  3. In the area around the station there are several traditional-style restaurants , and you can enjoy nostalgic kyoto dishes such as " buckwheat noodle with herring " and " wild boar meat ."
  4. At new year feasts , participants prayed for longevity , covered sticky rice cakes with red colored water chestnut rice cakes and placed on top of this boar meat , giant white radish (daikon ), salted sweetfish (ayu ) and gourd which were then consumed .


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