board and care facilityの例文


  1. Many of the larger homes were converted into apartments or board and care facilities.
  2. Here's your decision : Do you make arrangements to care for your family member at home, or do you seek out a skilled nursing or board and care facility?
  3. Board and care facilities, which range from small homes to large apartment complexes, are touted as a way for those too ill to live at home to age with dignity and independence.
  4. About 70 % of board and care facilities for mentally disabled people moved into the neighborhood, after changes to state policies, because of low prices in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  5. According to court records, Matasareanu's parents became embroiled in a separation in 1989, and she obtained a court order barring him from her home, where she operated a board and care facility for retarded adults.


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