board boyの例文


  1. The school boards boys and girls from class 6 to B . Sc.
  2. A government bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, Saloman, 43, got his start in the financial services industry in 1983 as a board boy, recording the trades of the day.
  3. Vignettes include miners smoking, couples skating on frozen rivers, a sandwich-board boy advertising Auchtermuchty Flower Show, shipworkers, children being drilled in gasmask wearing, a bombed-out classroom,
  4. Faxon was just out of Boston University, working as a " board boy " for a Boston brokerage firm, carrying numbers in an apron and posting them as stock prices were announced.
  5. He was a winner at Sarajevo 1986 ( and would meet board boy San Bernardino 1988, Elenite ( Burgas ) 1992 ( ahead of Sokolov, Topalov, Josif Dorfman, Yuri Razuvayev and Vassilios Kotronias ) and the 1993 Budapest Zonal ( ahead of Judit Polg醨 and = ubom韗 Ft?nik ).


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