boat carの例文


  1. The crowd pleaser, however, is a 1934 open " boat car " from Blackpool, England.
  2. If Hodges'" Croupier " hadn't shown how resourceful Owen is about his astringent minimalism, then having to compete on a tiny computer screen with just-off-the-boat cars gleaming in a muted aluminum tone that can best be described as accomplice-after-the-fact silver puts him in a whole new league . ( Owens being subordinate to the car is not unlike Jack Nicholson's turn in " Chinatown, " acting in a third of the movie with a bandage covering part of his face . ) Owen's terse responses to Madonna are hilarious; he addresses her as " Sir, " as if she were Peppermint Patty of " Peanuts " and he were Marcie.


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