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  1. Bob Littlefield, Bisbano's principal, admits that he is not a feng shui sort of guy.
  2. Bob Littlefield is the founder and president of NetXpert Systems, Inc ., a Scottsdale-based computer company.
  3. After Lane and fellow conservative Bob Littlefield were left out of the budget subcommittee's membership, Lane accused Mayor Mary Manross of politicizing the subcommittee appointments.
  4. "I don't think there's really much you can do about it, " said Bob Littlefield, the town manager of Guilford.
  5. :" In his eight years as a Scottsdale City Councilman, Bob Littlefield has challenged popular development projects, stood behind a city-run fire department and supported the Foothills Overlay and scenic corridors ."


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