bob livingstoneの例文


  1. It also represents the dark face of American hypocrisy _ a fact dramatically demonstrated by the shocking resignation of Bob Livingstone.
  2. But the House renewed the law by a 137-34 bipartisan majority, with only a few rebels like Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingstone in opposition.
  3. Washington : House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rep . Bob Livingstone, R-La ., holds a news conference to discuss the committee's schedule and strategies.
  4. And it was unfortunate that people applauding in the Dome in'92, people like Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingstone, Dan Burton, Henry Hyde and Bob Bahr, later would have the rhetoric come back and bite them where it hurts, in ye olde private parts.
  5. Other individuals who played a key role in founding the EBBA are : Stan ( Gabby ) Anderson; Norm Aldridge; Ron Armstrong; Len Barker; Bill Benninger; Ken Burgess; Vic Byers; Jack Colman; the Eager Beaverettes; Bill Farquharson; George Gibson; John Gillies; Don Greason; Clare Hatt; Bob Livingstone; London Majors Baseball Club; Tom Munro; Harry Nielson; Lorne Palmer; Alex Park; Gord Parker; Les Thomas; Hugh ( Red ) Wood; London YMCA-YWCA.


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