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  1. His first hit was the only extra base hit of his career, a double off Bob Locker.
  2. On October 23,, Trillo was traded along with Darold Knowles and Bob Locker to the Chicago Cubs for 1979 as part of an eight-player trade.
  3. Other prominent major leaguer sidewinders include, or have included, Madison Bumgarner, Chris Sale, Scott Feldman, Pat Neshek, Scott Sauerbeck, Dennis Eckersley, Mark Eichhorn, Dave Baldwin, and Bob Locker.
  4. Players eligible for the first time who were " not " included on the ballot were : Ed Brinkman, Danny Cater, Tom Egan, Bob Locker, Tommy McCraw, Jim Merritt, Gene Michael, Orlando Pe馻, Paul Popovich, Eddie Watt, Walt Williams and Clyde Wright.
  5. The next year, Finley plugged the hole left in center field by Monday's departure by trading reliever Bob Locker for Billy North, who was a better defensive outfielder than Monday and also added a base-stealing threat, leading the league in stolen bases in two of his five years with the A's.


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