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  1. Koolhaas calls the book a novel.
  2. In an interview with Salon . com's Laura Miller, Egan said she leaned toward calling the book a novel rather than a short story collection.
  3. The cover proclaims the book a novel, but it is really a series of linked tales by an unnamed narrator who has the odd fortune of being involved with 11 women named Karen between fifth grade and middle age.
  4. By classifying the book a novel, Eggers says, he freed himself to re-create conversations, streamline complex relationships, add relevant detail and manipulate time and space in helpful ways all while maintaining the essential truthfulness of the storytelling.
  5. But while compiling the clues Ross drops as flirtatiously as gloves, one senses another pull, that of an author increasingly involved with her protagonist, one who may have really wanted to make this book a novel with the unfolding of Kestrel's character its main focus.


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