book cassettesの例文


  1. In addition to stocking up on coloring books, crayons, book cassettes, small toys and hand-held games, children can entertain themselves with:
  2. The Hiram Halle Library opened in 1952 and today has a collection of over 60, 000 items including books, magazines, CDs, talking-book cassettes and videos.
  3. "' The Very Best of Jackie Martling's Talking Joke Book Cassettes, Vol . 1 "'is an album by American comedian, comedy writer and radio personality Jackie Martling.
  4. Now Audible ( www . audible . com ), the leading provider of spoken word online, has released a new dedicated device for those who don't want to clog up the glove compartment with audio-book cassettes.
  5. He also appears as the principle protagonist in a song by Eastfield on their first release ( TEARING PAGES FROM THE RULE BOOK Cassette ( baszdmeg 26001, August 1996 ) ) and on several subsequent albums.


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