1. Detectives grilled millionaires, members of Congress, racetrack hustlers, boozehound lawyers, land-fraud scammers and bagmen.
  2. Brogar had become a self-pitying boozehound until his talents were spotted by his diner-owning boss John Creese ( Roger E . Mosley ).
  3. Teen heroine Jessica Buchanan has just found out that she's not actually a member of the elite clan at all, but the spawn of Roxy, the town's bleached blonde, boozehound con-artist cocktail waitress.
  4. Sarandon plays a former boozehound demonstrating grief over her daughter's murder with sarcasm, blunt honesty and unchecked anger, in contrast to the denial of her husband ( Dustin Hoffman ) or the dutiful empathy of her daughter's fiance ( Jake Gyllenhaal ).


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