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  1. But what disappoints Dunst most is that so were the scenes where Nicole boozes it up.
  2. Nicholson boozes the night through, watching a strip show with slobby companions, sometimes taking a stripper home to bed.
  3. Leon boozes himself into oblivion and passes out, then wakes up hungover and stumbles around chain-smoking all day before repeating the cycle.
  4. Two gruff, boozy men who appeared on the " Food & Drink " spoof reviewing the Lovely Brown Boozes, before Derek ( Vic ) let slip that his girlfriend Maggie had left him.
  5. And the Vietnam-veteran Marine has returned to Saigon to search for the daughter he fathered 30 years ago, but mostly just boozes it up in the bars of the Rue Catinet by night, and pathetically wanders the streets by day, like some ghost of the old American presence.


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