boston heightsの例文


  1. Two villages are located in Boston Township : most of Boston Heights, in the northeast, and Northfield Village.
  2. Foremost, it is not clear from the source you have been trying to introduce to Blue Lantern Corps that the comic strip published under the Dan Hatem byline in 1980 dealt with the same Blue Lantern Corps that is a DC Comics property; since only a small preview of the page is shown, it's impossible to determine whether the same organization was depicted as in the later DC Comics publications, or if it is a mere coincidence of name . ( If it is the same organization, then Dan Hatem  who may or may not be you; we have no way of knowing  may have violated DC Comics trademarks, which are distinct from copyright, in creating the strip . ) Another issue is that " Boston Heights " newspaper, as a college rather than a community newspaper, may not be considered a talk 19 : 42, 23 November 2015 ( UTC)


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