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  1. This segment of US 44 up to Willington is known as the Boston Turnpike while the segment approaching Rhode Island is called Providence Pike.
  2. Weld's stricter plan would jack up tolls on the Boston turnpike extension and Tobin Bridge from 50 cents to $ 1 this year, and to $ 2 in 2002.
  3. The business that had developed from the early days of the settlement along its route, gradually gave way to the rapid increase along the railroad route and the Boston Turnpike ( Main Street ).
  4. The company, now housed at the former campus of the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, bought a building at 800 Boston Turnpike last month for $ 2.8 million from Tyco Healthcare Group.
  5. It is also known by more local names, including Albany Turnpike in Canton, West / East Main Street and Avon Mountain Road in Avon, Albany Avenue through West Hartford into Hartford, Boston Turnpike from Bolton Notch to Ashford, and Providence Pike near the Rhode Island border.


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