bottle ovenの例文


  1. This move stopped the use of bottle ovens.
  2. By the early 1820s, his factory, now managed by his son Josiah Spode II and his business partner William Copeland, had become the largest in Stoke, employing some 2, 000 workers and boasting 22 bottle ovens.
  3. Disused Bottle ovens of Acme Marls on Bourne's Bank, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, with St . John's Church, Woodbank Street, in the background whose sandstone tower dates from 1536 ( Photographed May 2008)
  4. Speaking of his constituency, Hunt said that " The key to helping manufacturing is investing in education and schools and also selling Stoke nationally and internationally as a place to invest . " He also criticised the local council's decision " to try to obliterate the past out and sort of'cleanse', removing the old bottle ovens and other relics ".


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