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  1. This siphonal opening also serves for the exit of the water that has entered by the branchial opening.
  2. The animal had small, possibly degenerate eyes that were flanked laterally by a small, crescent-shaped branchial opening.
  3. Earlier reconstructions depict the creature as having side-fins running the length of its body, starting from behind the branchial openings to the tip of its tail : new research demonstrates that such " fins " are actually deformations of the bodywall as the corpse was being squished post-burial.
  4. ""'Balanoglossus " "'is an ocean-dwelling acorn worm ( Enteropneusta ) genus of great Ascidians or sea squirts, in that it possesses branchial openings, or " gill slits " . It has notochord in the upper part of the body and has no nerve chord.
  5. Hemichordates ( " half ( ?) chordates " ) have some features similar to those of chordates : branchial openings that open into the pharynx and look rather like gill slits; stomochords, similar in composition to notochords, but running in a circle round the " collar ", which is ahead of the mouth; and a ventral nerve cord.


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