breaking energyの例文


  1. The connection end size is also related to the breaking energy of the tool.
  2. The first ramp to the record-breaking energy of 6.5 TeV was performed on 10 April 2015.
  3. A boson partner to the top quark would stabilize the Higgs boson mass against quadratically divergent quantum corrections, provided its mass is close to the electroweak symmetry breaking energy scale.
  4. One case of this is given by Jordan's theory, which, without breaking energy conservation ( as it should be valid, following from microwave background radiation being of a black body ), is equivalent to the theory of Yukawa's theory of nuclear physics, this scalar field is a " massless field ".
  5. Gerry's office was like the Oval Office at The White House at times, such was the mystique of the place . " Thunderbirds " really broke a mould as it was one of the first TV shows that had appeal on both sides of the Atlantic . " He also went on to add about the " ground-breaking energy and vision " that Anderson had, going on to say " Gerry was an exceptional man  not only to those who began the studio work with him, and they were all terribly talented and so easy to work with  but also to the hundreds of thousands of young, and maybe a little older, viewers who watched that magic flow across television screens all over the world.


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