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  1. -- Caught inside-- to be trapped between shore and the breaking line of swells, making it hard to paddle out.
  2. Trot Nixon singled, doubled, homered and scored two runs in Thursday's matinee, less than 24 hours after two slump-breaking line-drive hits the night before.
  3. Also, I remember once seeing to my surprise that a broken cd was bent at the breaking line, which would make the glueing very difficult.
  4. For 2 days until oceangoing tugs had her under control, they battled waves and breaking lines to keep " Atlantic States " from drifting and sinking.
  5. You may also enjoy ref 3 and others at Portia _ fimbriata, which describe how this " spider " can do things that smart lions do, like breaking line of sight to make a detour around prey, so as to approach it from a better angle.


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