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  1. Instead the commission alleged Nomura deliberately confused the market and created a false impression of supply and demand, therefore breaking sections of the Corporations law.
  2. In addition, U-boats employed a simpler cypher system than that used by the surface fleet, which Room 40, the British Admiralty's code-breaking section, could usually read with few difficulties.
  3. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Canada's office in Ontario was raided by police after being charged with breaking Section 462.2 of the Criminal Code for handing out brochures advocating the legalization of cannabis.
  4. In the mid-19th century more complex Official Secrets Act in 1889 . By the time of the First World War, multi-tier classification systems were used to communicate information to and from various fronts, which encouraged greater use of code making and breaking sections in diplomatic and military headquarters.


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