bred materialの例文


  1. Its use is limited to the preservation of breeding material or the establishment of clonal seed orchards .
  2. The second time fruit is a new breeding material of walnut
  3. During wheat and barley bred in winter in sanya , some technological characteristics concerned must be wielded according to the ecological conditions there . 1 ) carefully select materials and avoid planting the materials that can not head in sanya . 2 ) cultivated measure : spread lime before ploughing ; and make furrows during soil preparation . spread funandan in sowing furrows . after every irrigation and heavy rains , surplus water must be drained off immediately and soil must be intertilled in time . it is also a key measure in breeding in winter to prevent and eliminate the plant disease , pest and mice during plant growing period . 3 ) the flowering period of parent for hybridization must be adjusted . 4 ) the criterion for each trait selection to breeding materials should be soften to different degrees
  4. Four japonica restorer lines with the restoring genes for the genetic - cytoplasmic male sterility including jijing 85 , ji 524 , e180 and e385 have been successfully developed through the breeding method of recurrent selection , using eight japonica ptgms lines and 28 elite japonica varieties or lines selected from the north cold rice growing area in china as the breeding materials


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