bred to the lawの例文


  1. He has been bred to the law.
  2. Thomas was " bred to the law " : his uncle Thomas was also Lord Chief Justice, and his family produced six senior judges over four generations.
  3. It was said that Thomas was " bred to the law " : he and his younger brother Robert were the first two of numerous lawyers and judges in the Plunket family.
  4. Thomas was " bred to the law " : he entered Middle Temple in 1683, returned to Ireland in 1684 to practice at the Irish Bar, and entered the King's Inns the same year.
  5. Prime Iron Rochfort's son Robert Rochfort ( 1652-1727 ) was born 9 months to the day of his father's courtmartial, and having been " bred to the law ", had a highly distinguished career, being Speaker of the Irish House of Commons and Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer.


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