breda m37の例文


  1. :Bren carriers captured by the Italians in the field were often fitted with Breda M37 machine guns.
  2. The German MP40 submachine gun and MG34, MG42 along with Italian Breda M37 and Breda M38 machine guns were all used.
  3. The main infantry weapons were Carcano rifles, Beretta M1934 and M1935 pistols, Bodeo M1889 revolvers, Breda 30 light machine guns, Breda M37 and Fiat Revelli Modello 1935 heavy machine guns, and Beretta Model 38 submachine guns.
  4. The Modello 1914 had seen widespread use during the Great War, but its flaws ( excessive weight, water-cooling and its use of the underpowered 6.5x52mm Carcano ) became more and more apparent as time passed; while the Italian Army was beginning to develop the new Breda M37, it was seen convenient to modernize the many Modello 1914s still existent.


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