bree amerの例文


  1. Housemate Bree Amer was incorrectly evicted instead of Wesley due to a vote counting error.
  2. Bree Amer was both a contestant and Big Brother presenter ) then the higher class should be used.
  3. In " Big Brother 2004 " after the eviction of Bree Amer, it was found the votes for that eviction had been incorrectly counted.
  4. The show debuted on Tuesday, 1 August 2006, and was hosted by Jo Stanley from Matt Hardy, wedding planner Kathy Apostolidis, and Bree Amer.
  5. In 2006, MacPherson co-hosted the Sydney New Year's Eve 2006-07 telecast alongside " Big Brother 2004 " housemates Ryan Fitzgerald and Bree Amer appeared to be drunk throughout their segments of the evening.


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