breech coverの例文


  1. The " Type III " dropped the external cocking knob and breech cover of prior types in favor of a brass bolt action mechanism that integrated loading and cocking functions.
  2. After a number of issues had been discovered, including a serious problem with rusting gas tubes, the existing stocks of the rifle were modified between 1953 and 1956, and the reworked rifles were designated Ag m / 42B . Modifications included a stainless steel gas tube, two knobs on the breech cover, a new elevation knob for the rear sight, a rubber case-deflector, new magazines and new cleaning rod.
  3. The Model 1322 was first introduced in 1977, and was produced over its lifetime in three distinct variants : " Type I ", 1977 81, " Type II ", made from 1978-1996, and " Type III ", 1998-2004 . " Type I " featured a sliding metal breech cover, manual cocking using a three-ring external cocking knob, and a steel breech.
  4. Enfield recommended a number of changes : the barrel cover be fitted with a continuous length of tubing and a wooden forend, allowing the weapon to dispense with the rest, which was criticized for its fragility; a corrugated metal cover be fitted to the body, with a dust shield over the bolt handle; the magazine mouth be bevelled to ease feeding; the magazine be made of thinner metal to reduce its excessive weight; the breech cover not extend so far back to prevent injury to the firer; strengthen the extractor to prevent failures to feed with thick-rimmed cases ( one of the few feeding problems noted ); the hand-cocking lever be deleted [ a puzzle as the weapons still has to be cocked for the first shot ], also removing eight new parts; and the barrel casing be made in one piece, to eliminate a minor double failure issue.


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