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  1. Photos, Bric a Brac and other household utensils remain in the home.
  2. Hogan described these offences as " an ill-assorted collection of legislative bric a brac which the draftsmen of the 1916 Act put together with scissors and paste ."
  3. His cartoon series " The Thrilling Adventures of the Count Bric a Brac " was dropped from the " New York World " after six months.
  4. It is full of old photographs, bric a brac and other personal items including a tennis trophy won by Bernie Langenbaker and Marge Escreet at the Central Western doubles championship.
  5. In 1933, however, Lu Xun attacked the journal " Analects " for being apolitical and dismissed Lin's elegant xiaopin wen  \ 罷噀, or small essays, as " bric a brac for the bourgeoisie ."


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