bridge aftの例文


  1. The torpedo struck the portside oil fuel tank approximately below the waterline, creating a hole across, igniting the fuel, and setting the ship on fire from the bridge aft . Many of those on board were immediately killed by concussion or perished in the inferno . " Centaur " quickly took on water through the impact site, rolled to port, then sank bow-first, submerging completely in less than three minutes.
  2. Steam allowed for powerful vessels to push ever further north and it was soon found that new steel steam trawler design had to evolve further to cope with the extreme environments the ships were required to encounter; the traditional'bridge aft side'design of trawler was lost to ships with a hardy sleek steel wheelhouse amidships, the ships developed sleek hulls with the addition of a'whaleback'forward in an attempt to provide shelter to the fishdeck, steam engines were replaced by modern powerful marine diesel technology and at the final stage of this evolution of the side winder trawler we find the " Ross Tiger ".


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