1. The Trust went on to work as bridgebuilder between Kroenke and the Arsenal board.
  2. For the Upper Ferry site, bridgebuilder Louis Wernwag designed " The Colossus ", the longest single-span wooden bridge in the United States.
  3. An epithet accorded to him by a courtier, " the bridgebuilder ", represents his efforts to connect emotionally with the people surrounding him slowly coming to fruition.
  4. She has since starred in the science fiction computer game " Darkstar : The Interactive Movie " as both Captain Beth Ingram of the Starship Bridgebuilder and the voice of the computer Westwick Main.
  5. At the Kit Kat club, Berlin, in 2012, whilst appearing as himself, Tsander also performed as " Erektor The Bridgebuilder " presenting " Bridgeward Bound ", an erotic bondage version of the Human Bridge with a female co-performer, that dramatically fore-grounded the fact that the " feat " requires no hypnosis, which was neither induced nor pretended.


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