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  1. The few dozen surviving members of the Bridgeburners, led by Sergeant Whiskeyjack, are sent to try and undermine the city from within.
  2. Even then, the Empire suffers severe losses, including the near total destruction of a legendary infantry unit in its 2nd army, the Bridgeburners.
  3. He is the putative leader ( his rank goes up and down ) of the " Bridgeburners ", an elite unit of soldiers in the Malazan Empire.
  4. Moon's Spawn is greatly damaged during the attack on the Pannion, and the fallen Bridgeburners, along with the leader of the Black Moranth, are laid to rest inside it.
  5. An elite Malazan military unit, the Bridgeburners, is the focus for this storyline, although as it proceeds their erstwhile enemies, the Tiste Andii led by Anomander Rake and the mercenaries commanded by Warlord Caladan Brood, also become prominent.


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