bridged bondの例文


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  1. Businessmen tried to pass bridge bonds, as example, to build bridges across the Kiamichi River and Jack Fork Creek.
  2. "' Butalene "'is a polycyclic hydrocarbon composed of two 1, 4-didehydrobenzene biradical, the valence isomer in which that bridged bond is broken.
  3. The pH increase is normally accompanied by a gradual temperature increase up to 40 癈 . Chromium's ability to form such stable bridged bonds explains why it is considered one of the most efficient tanning compounds.
  4. Connecting the students from India with world class chefs from across the globe will not only bridge bonds but will also lay foundation of a global connect that will go a long way in each of their careers.
  5. If the water molecules would be 10 % smaller than usual you would die very soon, because the folding of proteins is vitaly conected to hydrogen bridge bonds mediated by water molecules and the equilibrium constants for all reactions including this water would be significantly different.


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