bridged compoundsの例文


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  1. Synthetically, it is very useful to form C 3-bridged compounds such as through C-N coupling reactions.
  2. Bridged compounds may be fully carbocyclic ( all carbon ) or heterocyclic ( having one or more non-carbon atoms ).
  3. "' Bicyclo [ 1.1 . 1 ] pentane "'is an organic compound, the simplest member of the bicyclic bridged compounds family.
  4. The radical mechanism starts with abstraction of the hydrogen atom from the substrate to form QH ( the rate determining step ), hydroxyl bridged compound Q and the free alkyl radical.
  5. Although sketches of organic structures may make bridged compounds appear planar, they are not; for instance, comparing the 3D ball-and-stick model of norbornane at left, with the image shown at right, makes clear the bridging ring ensures that the molecule is not planar.


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