bridging advanceの例文


  1. Superior Court Judge E . Penn Dameron Jr . and District Court Judge Laura ( Suzy ) Bridges advanced with 27 percent and 20 percent of the vote, respectively.
  2. His work in medical anthropology bridges advances in social science theories, applied research in clinical and public health settings, and activist-oriented initiatives working with NGOs and social movements.
  3. Extra time was looming but Chelsea snatched the winner when Bridge advanced from his defensive position, swapped passes with Gudjohnsen and ran through to fire leftfooted past Lehmann to send the Chelsea fans to the right of goal into wild celebrations.
  4. For all these reasons, the U . S . Navy decided to close DS " Barry " and tow her away for scrapping before construction of the new bridge advanced to the point of trapping her in the Anacostia River.


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