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  1. Single crystals are grown using the Czochralski process, float-zone and Bridgman techniques.
  2. Stockbarger's modification of the Bridgman technique allows for better control over the temperature gradient at the melt / crystal interface.
  3. With the advent of single crystal, or monocrystal, solidification techniques ( see Bridgman technique ) for superalloys that enable grain boundaries to be entirely eliminated from a casting.
  4. In the semiconductor industry, boules can be made by a number of methods, such as the Bridgman technique and the Czochralski process, which result in a cylindrical rod of material.
  5. One example where a seed crystal is used to grow large boules or ingots of a single crystal is the semiconductor industry where methods such as the Czochralski process or Bridgman technique are employed.


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