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  1. The last commercial boats used the canal in 1907, from Bridgwater dock to a wharf in North Town, Taunton, and the canal was effectively closed.
  2. In March 1871 it was extended across the river to Bridgwater Docks, which formed the entrance to the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal and was owned by the railway company.
  3. The canal originally terminated at a basin at Huntworth, to the east of Bridgwater, but was later extended to a floating harbour at Bridgwater Docks on its western edge.
  4. Bridgwater Docks have been restored as a marina, but there is no navigable connection to the River Parrett, as the canal still transports drinking water for the people of Bridgwater.
  5. Most prominent is the 1844 steam powered puddled iron drag dredger,'Bertha', designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel for Bridgwater docks, which is undergoing restoration at the head of the old harbour.


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