british naval forces in the falklands warの例文


  1. I first became aware of his actions when I checked my watchlist and noticed changes to the article British naval forces in the Falklands War, to remove the image : Image : HMS Conqueror ( S48 ) . jpg see Assuming that this was a good faith edit of someone not familiar with the history of the conflict I edited with a comment " " rs iconic image of RN " ".
  2. Image meets all WP : NFCC requirements for inclusion; specifically in the following articles : HMS Conqueror ( S48 ) : image is of her return to port after being the first nuclear-powered submarine to fire in anger and sink an enemy ship; Churchill class submarine : most famous of the class, image is from her return to port, signaling the kill that made her famous; British naval forces in the Falklands War : significant member of this force, sunk the only ship ever to have been sunk by a nuclear-powered submarine.


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